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Being human, what is right

(Everyone should know what to do as a member of Lulu and what not to do)

Lugong Group hopes that the team members can do it (ideas):

1. Be happy to have a kind, pure, and clear mind;

2. Be grateful for the support from customers, suppliers, team colleagues and family members, so that we can work hard;

3. Be willing to serve customers in good faith, harmonize and unite suppliers and colleagues;

4. Be willing to be upright in work, distinguish between public and private, abstain from selfishness, be loyal and upright, dare to dedicate and sacrifice personal interests;

5. Be willing to implement the principle of fair competition, explore the nature of things, and have a win-win and multi-win thinking;

6. Be willing to follow laws, ethics, operate legally, and contribute to the team's profit goals;

7. Willing to maximize product quality and service quality for customers, shorten intermediate links and reduce costs;

8. Be happy to be humble and pay attention to etiquette and courtesy;

9. Be open-minded, optimistic and cheerful, frank and humorous, smiling, patient, and gentle communication;

10. Be willing to reflect on yourself, listen to other people's opinions, and be willing to give constructive opinions for the team.

Lugong Group hopes that team members can do it (team):

1. Be willing to build a first-class team, solve problems for the team, introduce resources, introduce talents, be willing to lead the team, and be happy to help subordinates succeed;

2. Be willing to make a commitment in front of the public, and act quickly to honor the promise;

3. Be willing to work with others, respect team partners, achieve outstanding ability and be respected and trusted by the team;

4. Be willing to actively integrate into the team, improve your credibility, loyalty, integrity, lead by example, unite and unite the strength of the team, and care about the life and feelings of the team members;

5. Be happy to discover and improve new processes, new methods, new energy-saving, new environmental protection, new technologies, be willing to persevere in innovation every day, continuously improve the way of thinking, and create high benefits for the team

6. Willing to assist the team to maximize sales, reduce sales, production, procurement, operating costs, and actively establish strategic partnerships with customers and suppliers;

7. Willing to maintain the honor of the team, attach importance to on-site work practices, and pay attention to timely publicity and communication;

8. Be willing to actively participate in various cultural activities of the team, and be happy to develop more incentives and management methods for the team!

Lugong Group hopes that team members can do it (action)

1. Be willing to initiate challenges, formulate high goals and plans, take obstacles as a test, never give up, firmly believe that goals will be achieved, and find a way to victory.

2. Be willing to turn the impossible into possible, from failing to doing, to doing things that others do not;

3. Be willing to challenge new things and new fields, and develop the unlimited potential inherent in it;

4. Be happy to implement perfectionism, be impeccable, become the best, and be perfect;

5. Be willing to practice, knowing and doing are two different things, and willing to show your ability;

6. Willing to go to the office on site, willing to contact customers, and willing to respond to customer requests;

7. Willing to work hard in the ring center, advance the deadline, and allow the plan to have a margin;

8. Be willing to pay down-to-earth efforts and accumulate step by step, be willing to make yourself the center of the work vortex, be willing to stand alone, let the problem reach you, resolutely complete the task, and find happiness in the work achievements;

9. Be willing to calculate the cost per unit time and increase the added value created by the unit time;

10. Be happy to implement the principles of sound assets and sound projects, and always grasp the rate of capital recovery;

11. Willing to control loss and waste, save costs, only purchase items currently needed, achieve zero inventory, improve cost accounting awareness, and start with saving one screw;

13. Be willing to develop your own sensitivity and develop the habit of conscious attention;

14. Be happy to develop the simplification of complex matters, to form a double check to determine, pay attention to process supervision, and prevent the habit of taking precautions;

15. Be willing to tell the truth and do real things, to pursue work rationalization, to protect the interests of the team and employees, and to protect the company's business secrets;

16. Be willing to participate in various learning activities, improve their professional knowledge level, literacy, communication and persuasion ability;

17. Be willing to pay as much as any human effort, and act immediately, and be willing to obey and execute;

18. Be willing to think maturely, brainstorm and use strength.

19. Happy to be grateful, contented, humane, conscientious and easy-going.

All rights reserved: LUGONG GROUP

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